Broadband Penetration Increases in India: Report

India saw a massive 265% increase in broadband (> 4 mbps) adoption levels during 2012 and is likely to see growth of similar magnitude in India in the future, according to a new report.

If 1 Gbps connections such as those being promoted by network infrastructure firm Radius Infratel become widely available at affordable prices, the adoption of broadband is likely to grow at a similar rate, the State of the Internet report published by Akamai said.akamai 2These gigabit plans would join 100 mbps plans available to residential consumers already available from Bharti Airtel and Tata Teleservices.

However, on an average, India and China continue to have some of the lowest Internet connection speeds. India unseated China as the country with the lowest level of high broadband adoption, though it grew 45% quarter-over-quarter to 0.2%, the report said.akamai 4mb

Here are some other findings of the report

  • India’s average connection speed grew an impressive 19 % to reach 1.2 mbps.akamai 4

  • India, Vietnam, and China were the only surveyed Asia Pacific countries with average peak connection speeds below 10 mbps.

  • The fourth quarter marks the first time in 2012 that India had more than 25,000 unique Ip addresses connect to Akamai at speeds above 10 mbps.

  • India’s annual growth rates in high broadband adoption reached 171 %.

According to Akamai’s definition “broadband” connections work at 4 Mbps or greater and “high broadband” has connection speeds that are 10 Mbps or higher. In India, a country with over 100 million Internet users, broadband is defined as 512 Kbps which is dismal when read next to the 47 % high broadband penetration in South Korea or the 49 % of Hong Kong.

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