Broadband penetration in India – Govt. throws another bait?


Broadband penetration in India – Govt. throws another bait?

Did you know that Indian govt. declared 2007 to be the “Year of Broadband”? Like plethora of other promises, they forgot this one too!

Forget about the penetration, India stands nowhere as far as Broadband speed is concerned.

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Few stats:

  • As of August 2007, the total broadband connection in India was only 2.56 million (projected figures for 2007 = 9 million)
  • The govt.’s earlier projection was to get 3 million subscribers by 2005!.

And that means, we are missing the projected numbers only by 2 years!
Indian govt., finally woke up and has announced using power distribution lines to increase the adoption/distribution of broadband (i.e. powerbrand/power-line technology)

The department of information technology (DIT) is in talks with some of the country’s top technical institutions to evolve technology that would make transmission of broadband-over-power line (BPL) a viable option.
“We have received proposals from some of the leading technical institutions in the country in this regard and the department would allocate some funds to the institutes for carrying out the research and development work to promote broadband penetration,” an official in the DIT said. [source]

Given the speed with which Indian Institutes prefer to R over D (i.e.more research and less development), I am not too sure whether India will still achieve the projected numbers (i.e. 9 million by 2007).

Instead of relying on DIT to get the powerbrand technology, broadband penetration needs to address other important issues, like:

  • Bringing down the PC cost
  • Decrease cost per line
  • Deploy AWS (Advanced Wireless Systems), i.e. 3G/WiMAX and WiFi [read CII-BDA report]

Unless govt. fixes these core issues, I don’t see any point in having high hopes (and screaming from rooftop that broadband penetration is all set to happen).

What’s your take?

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