India manages to beat Egypt, Nigeria in Broadband Connectivity [sad state]

Broadband speed in India – India manages to beat Egypt, Nigeria in Broadband Connection [and maintain Digital Divide]

Even though we are close to touching 400mn mobile subscribers, India’s broadband speed is not at all a story to talk about.

In a study conducted on Broadband Quality Speed (BQS), India stood 62nd and has managed to beat Egypt, Kenya, Indonesia and Nigeria.

What’s interesting is that India has managed to maintain the consistency in broadband speed – in 2008, we covered the Broadband connectivity scorecard and even then, India managed to beat Nigeria (and was way below in the ranking!).

Overall average broadband quality increased across the globe:

  • Global average download throughput increased by 49% to 4.75 Megabits per second (Mbps)
  • Global average upload throughput increased by 69% to 1.3 Mbps
  • Global average latency decreased by 21% to 170 milliseconds
  • South Korea, Japan and HK top the list, followed by Sweden, Switzerland and Netherlands (source).

Now that we have congress government in place,  can we hope for better connectivity (Congress’ Election Manifesto – Broadband Connectivity for ‘ALL’ Villages, Focus on Entrepreneurs)


broadband_leadership_41_66[1]Few Government initiatives that do not seem to go anywhere

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