Want to Browse The Internet Without A Data Connection? Try The Brownie App

BrownieA mobile browser that works without an Internet connection. Sounds impossible? Well, its possible and no, its not the Rajinikanth website.

Bangalore based startup Innoz has come with a mobile application called Brownie, using which you can access information from websites across the World Wide Web without actually being connected to the Internet, an offline browser.

The browser works on text messages. There is an SMS browser integrated in the Brownie app through which any website that is conforming to an SMS site format can be viewed in text mode.

The company already has a similar offline app called 55444, but the Brownie browser is different from it. “The 55444 app is operator dependent. The Brownie app runs through SMS hotspots that we have launched. Once the device is launched, even those having no access to the internet can freely access information,” says Deepak Ravindran, Co-Founder & CEO of Innoz.

The Brownie app consists of various inbuilt categories such as utility, entertainment, m-learning, information etc. and users can opt between data or SMS mode to access and retrieve the information. Every time a user sends a query, it is sent as an SMS to a hotspot and the user will be charged for a local SMS according to their bill plan.

Brownie App

The service uses an SMS hotspots to retrieve information in the SMS mode. SMS hotspots are similar to Wi-fi hotspots and can be setup at any location. Very similar to Wi-Fi hotspots, SMS hotspots allow users to share internet but in the offline mode. The Brownie installed can be converted into an SMS hotspot by simply enabling the option from the settings menu.

“Currently, we have covered India, Nepal, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and on the verge of launching in Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya and Ghana . We are planning to deploy the service globally using SMS hotspots,” says Deepak.

The revenue model for the service is mainly based on revenue sharing with the operators as well as through mobile advertising. Customers will be offer with a subscription based and Pay-per-go model, in case one opts for the SMS mode on Brownie according to the company.

The company is also planning to start developing a  Brownie hardware which will run on Brownie OS. “We will also enable Brownie to be connected to several smart gadgets and develop customized enterprise versions of Brownie,” said Deepak.

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