Happy Birthday Chrome. You Rule On Pluggd.in (+India) [Browser Stats]

Today, Google Chrome is celebrating its third birthday.

So we thought we will share the browser analytics at Pluggd.in – and surprisingly, Chrome rules the chart on the site.

A look at last 1 month traffic depicts the following browser share – Chrome (35.26%), Firefox (31.58%) and IE (27.13%).

Pi Traffic
Pi Traffic

Given that we are a technology focused site, this shouldn’t come out as surprise. But what’s important is the following from our site analytics:

Browser Analytics
Browser Analytics

The average time on site (i.e. engagement) is quite high for Chrome (40.80%) as opposed to FF/IE – and Chrome is bringing more new visitors to the site than other browsers.

Browser Market Share In India

In India, Google has spent money in marketing Chrome in print as well as TV ads, and the latest September data from Statcounter shows the following

Browser Market Share In India
Browser Market Share In India

That is, Chrome stands at 33.44% market share while Firefox at 33.16 followed by IE (29.16%)*.

*Before you jump from your seat, do keep in mind that statcounter data can only be used for relative ranking, as they show data only from sites that have installed the statcounter script.

Of all the products Google has launched in the last 2-3 years, Chrome stands out as a product which has been very well architected and marketed – the product promise (of being fast/lean) lives up to the cause and has even forced Firefox to change its release cycle.
Being the ‘last’ entrant (well, almost!) in this market, Google has done a phenomenal job in building a less-bloated product and importantly, ensuring a faster release cycle (unlike IE/FF).

What about IE? Will it be limited to the ‘mom and pop’ users?

As we earlier said, Firefox is the new IE, Chrome is the new Firefox and Opera is still Opera.


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