Firefox or IE? Which OS/Browser should your product support?


Firefox or IE? Which OS/Browser should your product support?

Geek says Firefox/Mac/Linux. What will a businessman’s choice be? Well, IE6/Windows.

No matter how tech savvy we want the world to be, there are few OS/Browsers that are common man’s choice – and if you are building a ‘not-so-geeky-niche’ application, keep the common man (and their technology preference) in mind.

Statcounter released their Global stats tool and the graph below tells you the real story (something that new age startups tend to overlook)

Some data points you need to really keep in mind while building your product:

  • Browser: IE6 is still popular in India. Firefox 3.0 seems to be catching up though.
  • OS: WindowsXP rules Indian world – Vista/Linux/Mac aren’t even close.
  • Mobile Browsers – Opera rules, but is declining. Nokia is catching up. No significant trace of iPhone for Indian market.

What’s your opinion on this data? Is your product ‘mass’ compliant?

Please note: Ofcourse, the data is collected from Statcounter’s publishers (and there will be certain variations), but the data seems quite closer to reality and is representative of the real world.

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