Who is Eating IE’s Lunch?

When Chrome was launched, everybody termed it as Firefox killer (after all, Google used to fund Firefox development). But then, IE turns out to be the biggest loser. I decided to share Pluggd.in’s browser usage statistics and compared the current data with last year’s data (December 2009).

Browser Share Ending December 2009

Take a look (legend at the end of the post) at the data till December 2009 (total visits).


Browser Share [January – December 2010]


Since January, IE lost ~11%, Firefox lost ~4.3% and Chrome gained the max, i.e. ~15%.

Of course, Pluggd.in reaches out to the most geeky/early adopter community (hence the data is skewed), but it’s the same community that drives adoption of software in their friends and family circle.
And IE losing market share in India is no different from rest of the world – just that Chrome adoption surprises me a lot (have you noticed how fast Chrome has been adopted by cyber cafes?).

As far as Firefox is concerned, it surely has lost mindshare and like I said earlier – Firefox is the new IE, Chrome is the new Firefox and Opera is

What’s your take?

* Legend

Blue : IE, Green: Firefox, Red: Chrome, Yellow: Safari

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