BSNL Hacked by Anonymous India. Password=Password@123


BSNL Hacked by Anonymous India. Password=Password@123

While India’s Prime Minister delivered a speech encouraging telecom operators to improve national coverage and increase production of telecommunication hardware at an industry conference on Thursday, hacking group Anonymous was on to its latest exploit.

State owned telecommunication company BSNL was hacked by the group which has been protesting the controversial section 66A of the Information Technology act.

BSNL is said to have set its password to “Password123” to protect its website. This is pretty much the heights of ignorance as the website has been subject to hacks multiple times before.

After analyzing the dump of database login information, we found that company is really unconscious about their security from several years and choosing passwords of sensitive servers like “Password123” , “p3nib2”, “enquiry999” , “password” , “DelBSi666” , “vpt123”. Most obvious, these passwords are easily available in any wordlist and can be bruteforced in minutes.(via).

The hacker collective posted messages in support of Aseem trivedi, a cartoonist who was arrested for taking on the government on corruption through his political cartoons.

This is the second major hack by Anonymous in less than 15 days. Earlier, on November 30 India’s minister of Information and Technology Kapil Sibal’s website was hacked by the group.  The group hacked the “constituency” page, replacing it with a photograph portraying Sibal as someone who considers freedom harmful to the growth of the country.

These hacks have been done against abuse of Information technology Act (66A) and recent arbitrary police action on Mumbai youngsters and the judicial custody of two Air India employeesfor posting comments on social networking sites.

BSNL Website Cache on Thursday

According to a report released by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) at total of 90, 119, 252 and 117 Government websites were hacked in the year 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 (till June) by various hacker groups.

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