Telecom Roundup: Reliance’s GSM Goes National, BSNL launches IPTV..and more

BSNL has rolled out IPTV services in 10 cities and is planning to expand to 98 cities by March, 2009.

The current charges are Rs. 280 for 150 channels (and Rs. 200/ for 95 channels) – one needs to buy the STB for Rs. 2,500. – source

Current services being offered include services like Video on-demand, Education on-demand.

Reliance GSM Expansion

Reliance is expanding it’s GSM footprints (present in 8 out of 22 sectors) and has spent Rs. 100 bn to expand its GSM services to cover all of India.

Reliance’s GSM services will be available in 11,000 towns from Wednesday and the network will reach a total of 24,000 in a few months, – source

Expect price slashing game in the coming days.

HFCL Videocon Resolve Dispute

HFCL and Videocon have agreed to resolve their dispute over Datacom valuation issue.

The dispute between the two promoters had not only delayed the launch of Datacom’s cellular services by at least four months, but also drove away prospective international investors from picking up a stake in the company. – source

Datacom has already invested close to Rs 2,000 crore on winning the licenses. They have got spectrum for almost 10-12 circles, so this is a company which is in position to start services as soon as is possible. But, because of the shareholder dispute, all this significant amount of capital was locked in and both promoters are trying to unlock this and derive value.

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