Build and Print your own Wikipedia Book

Since 2005, wikipedia has doubled in size – featuring 1.3 million articles and 511 million words.

Practically speaking, its quite painful to navigate through so many articles at one go, collate them logically and store them for future reference.

I have always felt the need for a service to package articles related to one topic, and have them stored somewhere (how about printing them as a book?)

Check out Pediapress
Its a wonderful service which enables the user to gather relevant articles in few seconds and have these articles published in a book format.

Here is how it works:

Through the simple search interface, user can:

  • gather and add relevant articles in few minutes (sleek UI),
  • preview and order the books with only a couple of clicks,
  • your personal encyclopedia is printed and shipped within 2 days (ballpark pricing is 3 cents per page).

The books are printed by InstaBook and they have printing centers only in US,Canda,Italy,NZ, Mexico,Puerto Rico and Andorra.

Few interesting books: Games;Biographies;Free software;History of North America

Also see – Win 50’000€ prize for compressing wikipedia Interview with Wikipedia founder

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