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Crowdsourcing is a phenomena that only few have been able to master (e.g. Wikipedia) and as government organizations and enterprise businesses start testing social media, (like Delhi Traffic Police uses Facebook to issue Challan Notices, TalktoHT etcbubbledeas), there needs to be a much better mechanism for organizations to use social tools in order to harness the power of community.

BubbleIdeas is a Singaporean startup that has recently launched their platform enabling governments and organizations to enable mass communication between people (customers/citizen) and the organizations.

You submit an idea, others vote (or vice versa) on it (up/down) and the entire concept revolves around creating direct line between community of customers/citizens and the company spokesperson (and increase engagement for the brands). Interestingly they also have a platform for consultants & social media gurus who can guide the organizations willing to engage with the crowd.startup_visa

What’s the difference between BubbleIdeas and other services like UserVoice or GetSatisfaction? Well, the difference primarily is in positioning of the concept.

As per the team, Uservoice is more suitable for small enterprise where people can hijack the top most voted idea. And GetSatisfaction has a very counterintuitive interface. Another major issue with Getsatisfaction is their sales model: where people write a few rants against a brand and then Getsatisfaction expects that someday the brand is going to take over such a “forum” and clean its bedsheets. Large companies do not like to be approached that way.

The service follows freemium model and the company is primarily targeting US market (is currently building sales channels) and also the enterprise market in India (why not companies like Maruti/Dell and others who have taken the social media bandwagon).

What’s your take on BubbleIdeas concept? Especially in the Gov 2.0 era.

A feedback to the team – How about speaking English? Who understands jargons like ‘Create Terminal’, ‘SMC’ etc? A simpler language will help increase the signups [Read: What Language Does Your Product Speak? ].

Disclosure: BubbleIdeas is started by Arvind Nigam, an author at

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