Build and Host your own Twitter Clone – Revou


Build and Host your own Twitter Clone – Revou

Within few hours of writing my earlier review of Kwippy, I got a mail from Revou guys and here is their dope.

Revou lets you create your own Twitter/Jaiky clone in no minutes

ReVou is a PHP micro-blogging social networking software that allows you to start your own site just and at an affordable price.
ReVou offers you the next generation social networking and mobile blogging solution for your site users. ReVou is a self-hosted platform and site owners will have full control of our software hosted on their servers.
Software features include SMS/Web/IM/Email support, custom API, ReVou vision addon (similar to, Google Maps Integration,Widgets Plugin, Paypal integrated, RSS feeds, email importer, member profile and more. Instant Messenging supported: MSN, GTalk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger. Site owners can earn revenues with ReVou through paid SMS subscription and web advertising.

Revou seems quite powerful and lets you do almost everything that Twitter does + has additional support of paypal, is by default integrated with MSN/GTalk/Y!/AIM, and has a cool vision map too!

Check it out for yourself, i.e. Revou demo [login/pwd: test/test]

As Twitter goes thru’ all it’s shaky ride, Revou stands a strong case for adoption -just that I hope Revou brings down the entry price ($399 is quite high!).

Moreover, Revou should plan for a hosted solution (for free, just like corank is doing for Digg), ‘coz if they don’t do it, somebody else will.

What’s your take on Revou (vs. Kwippy?)

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