Building a mindful metaverse

Building a mindful #metaverse – ūüßĶ 1/6 There won’t be an overarching #Metaverse in #web3. Each will have its own use case, economics, rewards, features, policies but ultimately – #interoperability is a must.
2/6 #Interoperability or Io, allows for #Metaverses to speak to each other. #Metapolis is being built as the first L1 metaverse to make this a ‚Äúreality.‚ÄĚ #Blockchain will serve as the bridge. More on this in due time.
3/6 Consumer behaviour was changed by mall culture, digital marketing & later, the internet. The #Metaverse will change it again: #borderless, #accessible, open for all – an always-on layer of engagement.
4/6 #Metaverse as a service platform (MaaS). Shifting strategies from #Omnichannel to #Metachannel.
5/6 The #Metaverse could draw you into a ‚Äúsocially-conscious‚ÄĚ world – Creating a new social layer based on anything from #GameFi, #eSports, #fashion, or #music. It should be more than an escape. It should be built with mindfulness.
6/6 The #Metaverse should be a ‚Äúsafe space‚ÄĚ but like with anything, requires respect from all. Let us create SAFER metaverses where people do not hide behind their screens to bully, abuse or harass others. Let it not merely mimic social media culture.
#Zilliqa is the leading L1 blockchain that has built the highest-quality token standards. Like always please #DYOR!

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