“Building an App Gaming Company From Rs 1 Lakh” Introducing bigMobility Speaker


“Building an App Gaming Company From Rs 1 Lakh” Introducing bigMobility Speaker

At NextBigWhat, the focus is always on bringing actionable insights to the audience. Every conference we do does and will always focus on useful insights, great experiences.anuj-rolocule

Our core mantra is to stay away from gyaawn mode and bring in speakers who are ready to drop their guards and talk useful insights.

For the next upcoming conference, i.e. bigMobilityConf, we are happy to announce the first speaker, Anuj Tandon of Rolocule Games.

Rolocule Games was started in 2010 with an investment of only Rs. 1 Lakh – the company bootstrapped, raised investment, launched Rolomotion which converts your iPhone/iPad into a motion controller; and is now on a roll.

At bigMobiConf, founder and CEO, Anuj Tandon will share the lessons learned and also he will talk about the app discovery challenges.

“I will cover our story of how we started rolocule, bootstrapped, raised investment, got noticed by Apple, won international awards – basically the ride so far. I will also touch upon the latest gaming trends on Apple App Store in terms what is making money and how easy or difficult has discovery become.”

If you are a game app developer, don’t miss Anuj’s talk! We will soon announce other speaker details. Like we said earlier, the focus remains DOERs.

bigMobilityConf Details

» Date/Venue: Sep 13th Bangalore @Infantry Hotel (bigMobilityConf Site Link).
» Registration : Use the code FREE15 while registering (registration link).
» Get Noticed! : APPLY For Launch Stage
» Apply for speaking slot here.

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