Building a Connected & Secured Small Business Enterprise

The concept of a connected enterprise is no longer a pipe dream but has become a reality for so many small medium business organisations. As more & more SMEs are expanding their footprint and entering geographically diverse destinations, they need to ensure that there IT infrastructure is capable of supporting this expansion.

Building a Connected and Secured Small Business Enterprise[1]

As communication blurs the geographical boundaries, organization needs the reliability of a service that can help manage the exchange of intensive communication and large data volumes efficiently in a secured manner. Proliferation of mobile devices has created a perfect storm of latency and performance issues that are simply overwhelming old deployment models. If a large part of an organization’s workforce is mobile, a comprehensive mobile IT ecosystem needs to be built for efficient data usage and connectivity needs.

In this scenario, a CIO must adopt “Anywhere Anytime Access” model to corporate resources that enables & streamline connectivity between their geographically distributed workforce. One of the most critical challenge faced by almost every small business IT team, is to provide an integrated solution that matches the needs of different kind of audiences in the company. For instance, a Clevel would be looking for latest devices, applications, social media & unmatched flexibility which is at par with the enterprise quality, that too without compromising on the design factor.

A business manager would be looking for the right blend of performance & productivity with positive employee feedback and satisfaction. The IT head however, has to marry the design with performance, productivity with security, and keeping a close check on return on company’s investment.

In a world where yesterday’s IT practices can no longer affordably cope with the new realities of growth and pace of business, modular IT systems enables you to capitalize on new opportunities, get to market faster, innovate, and get out in front of your competition. It helps you make your customers happier by delivering better, higher quality IT services faster.

A business decision maker of a small enterprise would obviously want his IT to have a measurable impact by aligning to the business needs, accelerating business, and driving revenue while reducing costs. For the growing complex needs of small business, HP offers a comprehensive and modular mobile IT ecosystem with user inspired design in devices, secure & managed mobile environment and global solutions & services.

HP elitepad 1000 device forms a perfect blend of design, performance & security to help the employees work seamlessly, even when they are on the move. It offers multi layered enterprise class security features for the complete data, device & identity protection.

Its ePrint services offers secure printing from mobile device to any networked printer installed anywhere on the planet by integrating seamlessly with other IT devices, policies & tools. For your connected small enterprise, HP also provides industry unique Enterprise Tablet Management with leading tools like Landesk & Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager.

HP builds a comprehensive business mobility environment by integrating the devices, network, applications, cloud data, integrations, remote printing and adding a layer of security services that cuts across your IT infrastructure.

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