Building For Bharat : The ShopClues Story at UnPluggd

This UnPluggd, Co-founder & CEO of ShopClues – Sanjay Sethi shared the ShopClues story and gave some valuable insights on how they build for Bharat!

After staying in the US for more than 15 years, Sanjay and his four friends decided to move back to India and start shop clues in 2012.

They observed that retail is very fragmented in India and believed that the next wave of e-commerce growth would come from Tier one & Tier 2 cities – The Bharat. With the vision to serve Bharat, they started shopclues as a managed marketplace. To scale and provide an excellent customer experience they provided the merchants with tools, technology, and services.

Today, they have 5 lakh merchants, 25 million customers and more than 50 million SKUS. They have managed to achieve all this with a funding of less than $ 200 million while their competitors have raised more than $ 7 Billion.

Sanjay ended the talk by addressing the fact that when you zero in on your consumer, reach out with the right value proposition and then start solving their Problems – Magic will happen!

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