Burger King creates ads, solely through AI : Ting Tiding Ting!

There is a game which has been playing in the town for quite some time, it is called “Find for X”, where “X” is any industry from “A to Z” and one has to “find” , how AI fits or contributes to it.

The game has been a lot interesting so far, but who thought one day, “A” would stand for “Advertising”.

Like, seriously?

Because, in advertising, “emotions” always ruled over “intelligence”. And we never said, “Artificial Emotions”, though this is what is actually found nowadays.

Enter, Burger King, yes the famous, US based quick service restaurant chain, with over 15,000 locations worldwide.

Burger King has successfully created jingles, created by AI.

The scripts for the commercials were generated by a “artificial neural network with advanced pattern recognition capabilities by analysing thousands of fast-food commercials and competitive reports from industry research.

And of course, it is being touted as “first ads entirely created by an A.I. to air on national television”.

With the inputted data, the deep learning algorithm is able to recognize patterns and determine which of these patterns are more successful.

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