Burrp launches lifestyle Events

Burrp has launched events for 8 cities it’s present in – i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

The events are primarily related to lifestyle categories – i.e. Art, Dance, Fashion, Film, Fairs & Festivals, Food & Drinks, Health & Living, Nightlife, Literature, Sports & Outdoors and Theater.

The event section was present earlier as well, but Burrp has added more categories and has structured the content too (and in future will make events searchable and enable one to receive alerts etc).

I have said this earlier as well – focus is the key and burrp knows that quite well.They started as a restaurant review portal (positioned as a lifestyle segment site), diversified into TV listing, added events and will very soon get into movies!.

What’s your opinion on burrp? Do you think they are diversifying too much in the name of ‘lifestyle’?

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