Burrp Launches Virtual Tours for Businesses [Panoramic]

Burrp, after the redesign and repositioning has launched Burrp Pano that lets you tour businesses, by providing the 360 degree view of the establishment.

Burrp Pano enables users to auto explore a venue with a single click or manually survey it with the use of arrows. Unlike a video, one may zoom in and out to notice intricacies of the venue be it  the ambience of a restaurant, the size of the dance floor in a nightclub, the seating capacity of a cinema hall or the display area in an art gallery.

Burrp Virtual Tour For Businesses
Burrp Virtual Tour For Businesses

Through an intelligent imaging technique, backed by Genesis, panoramic tours are  obtained by stitching spatial frames together, a process commonly referred to as image stitching or mosaicing. It also serves as a medium for augmented reality based applications, an emerging trend in the West [details here].

This experience is something a lot of premium restaurants/businesses will pay for (few business pano page: Shiro, Infiniti Mall) – especially when it comes from a company which has established itself in lifestyle search business.

Interesting that Burrp is taking media/content route, while Asklaila is betting on offline lead generation channel (read: asklaila launches Voice Search (Call Center Based)..Feasibility vs. Monetization).

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