Burrp Gets a New Look [It’s a Local Search Engine Now]

Burrp has donned a new look and has also changed it’s positioning from being a lifestyle service to local search engine.

Few new features that have been added:

  • Google Maps Integration
  • Better categorization of Data – for instance, Shopping, factory outlets.
  • Movies (officially it’s launched)
  • Enhanced Search
  • Local Services (remember! Burrp launched as a lifestyle service, but now one can even search for a child care)

and most importantly, a much neater UI.

Burrp - New Looks (Uncluttered)
Burrp - New Looks (Uncluttered)

Couple of quick feedback for Burrp

  • City selection menu bar is not intuitive
  • ‘Local’ data depth is still not there – a lot of local query/classified related searches didn’t fetch any result.

Nevertheless, the new positioning (though Burrp prefers to call that as ‘expansion into all Lifestyle listings‘) was much expected move post Infomedia acquisition of Burrp (and the brand name).

Burrp launched it’s Small Business Service a few months back and enables business owners to reply to reviewers – enabling the site to gain more authority in local search space.
So, the real game begins now – Burrp has enjoyed the goodies from community, but local search play can possibly dilute it’s offering(?). Moreover, it will be interesting to see how Burrp can monetize the service (click-to-call?)

Do give the new UI a spin and share your comments.

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