Burrp’s possible merger talks with MIH; and a few questions for Indian startups

Contentsutra reported this first, and the same has “almost” been verified by a friend of mine.
While we wait for the story to unfold, let me ask you guys a few candid quesion:

  • Burrp is just a few years old company and is not yet the # 1 (they have some traction, but definitely not #1). Don’t you think that the founders are in a hurry to sell it off (i.e. if the story is true)?
  • Most of the India based startups look for early exit. Do you agree?
  • Or is it that the long haul companies can come only from the biggies (like Reliance), with huge monetary muscle power?
    Are 99% startups started for the sole reason to be acquired?
  • Will you anymore believe in founder’s statements that “We are here for long term. We are not looking for short term benefit” and other blahs?
  • If the Burrp+MIH deal is true, will you still be active @ Burrp?

I look forward to your comments.

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