@Startup Forum – Business Centres, Qns related to eCommerce..and more


Few interesting discussions @ startup forum

  • Challenges with eCommerce in India
  • Basics of Internet Retailing
  • Where can i buy used workstations in Bangalore?

Newly added Jobs

  • Core Java and PHP
  • Web Developers
  • Wanted a Co-Founder/Partner
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Start Up entrepreneurs are not hungry – they are ravenous and starving. They are GREEDY – and I use this word in Capitals because most of us are taught not to be greedy. I contest that. The biggest wins in the world come from entrepreneurs who are starving – Steve Job’s hunger is to create art forms in hardware and the Google founders to make everything so easily discoverable. I remember making a fervent non-stop marketing pitch at the L’Oreal office in India a few years ago. The marketing head – Ashwin Rajagopal (a close friend) at the end of my long non-stop pitching asked – ‘Alok – oh my god – why will you do all this for us’? I looked at him and said ‘to become rich’!! There was the deadly silence in the room – they did not come across hungry, ravenous and starving entrepreneurs often.
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