QnA : Difference between Mentors and Advisors, Business model of group buying companies in India [and more]

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Mentor vs. Advisor – What’s the Difference [Operationally]?

What is the difference between a mentor and an advisor? I am not looking at a high level definition, but more operational difference.
How much equity/expectation shall one have for the two roles.

Do I really need to give them a board seat?

What’s the Group Buying Business Model in India?

How does the group buying model work in India?
Do these companies get special rates for corporate (which isn’t available anywhere else?)
If yes, why are businesses interested in this – since most of these sites have very small traffic and so to say, a non-existent brand?

Mobile Phone comparision

I have come across sites which compare cell phone plans available
across various service providers

Can someone throw some light on following points

  • Their revenue model.
  • Do users really care to compare since the cellphones have become
    dirt cheap
  • Does the scenario change after introduction of number portability.

Hiring an Entrepreneurial Employee

About to hire our first employee and the candidate, even though we like him is quite entrepreneurial in nature. In 3 years, he has switched 3 jobs..has a lot of energy and is passionate about the domain.

How to Conduct A/B Testing ?

Our ecommerce site gets around 2,000 visitors a day and we would like to conduct A/B testing to understand some of the user behavior. Can somebody help how does one get started?

IRCTC API – How to get access?

We are a startup in travel space and we enable train booking (as part of our service).
We are exploring IRCTC API, but do not fit the minimum criteria (3 years in Business) and honestly, do not have money (20L) to pay.

Is there anyway we can enable train booking without paying so much? By becoming affiliates to somebody else? If yes, how much %share do we get of the ticket sale?


how do you get Sales tax registration no in Bangalore and how much time does it take?sPAN and Income TAX for Proprietorship company

Can somebody enlighten me about PAN No requirement and Income tax filing for proprietorship companies? Can the income be clubbed with the personal income of the owner?

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