Business Networking For Start-up Owners  

Establishing and growing a company is without a doubt one of the hardest things to do. Especially when you’re the owner of a start-up, because there are no fixed rules here. However, there’s one thing that remains constant for the growth of all start-ups, and that is effective business networking.

With everything on the line, we figured a little help would be good. Here are some important business networking tips to help you knock those networking sessions right out of the park!Be genuine

1. Be genuine

Networking is all about building trust and relationships, and you cannot gain someone’s trust unless they think you are being genuine. Have a clear understanding of your product/service and communicate exactly the same to the people you meet. Remember that people must first buy in to brand YOU as you’re the face of the company and then whatever you’re offering.

2. Make a goal driven plan

It’s no more a secret that networking is crucial to success. However, networking won’t happen on its own, you will have to work for it. Start by creating a goal driven plan to achieve it.

  • First, write down your goals.
  • Followed by the type of people you need to approach in order to achieve them.
  • Then determine the ways and means you can approach them and gain their trust.

3. Attend relevant industry driven events

Events are great for networking. Not only do they let you touch base with relevant people, they also provide you the opportunity to observe their interactions with their peers. This gives you a better idea of what kind of people you are networking with.

The other important thing about industry driven events are they provide you with common ground, greatly reducing the chances of an awkward first conversation.

4. Learn to listen

A lot of people think that great relationships are built on conversation. That is only partially true. The best kind of relationships stand on a foundation of listening. Listen to what people are saying. Don’t react, just listen and then formulate a precise answer that targets their concerns. Moreover, when someone feels like they are being heard they are likely to be a lot more interested in what you have to say.

5. Ask open-ended questions

Avoid asking questions that will get you a simple yes or no answer, instead opt for the four W’s and one H. That’s a great way to start a conversation especially if you find it difficult to strike conversations. It will allow you to naturally build a conversation around mutually interesting topics.

6. Connect online

Technology has made networking so much simpler. Then why not take advantage of it? Meet people online and then build those relationships offline or use technology to stay in touch or follow up after an event. This will show that you’re genuinely interested in doing business.

These business networking tips for young entrepreneurs are brought to you by Dell India.

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