Business Schools are shutting down their MBA programs in US..When will this hit India?


“You can blame four things for the fact that there are fewer MBA applicants in the full-time pipeline:

1. The strong U.S. economy.

2. The rising cost of MBA programs

3. Donald Trump who has scared off thousands of international candidates who had been helping to offset a continual decline in domestic applicants for a number of years.

4. A greater number of shorter, cheaper alternatives to a two-year, full-time MBA program, from one-year and online options to specialty master’s degrees in such subjects as data analytics and entrepreneurship”. (via)


The reality is that MBA has very little RoI – it is the costliest insurance program ! How many years, will it take for Indian B schools and students to realize the same? It has already started with Engg colleges.

What’s the future of higher education in India? Skill driven? What sort of skills?

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