Businesweek’s Top 100 Global Companies

Businessweek has compiled the list of top 100 Global companies. Data from S&P, was used to compile the list. Few of the criteria for filtering the list were:
1. Companies had to have revenues of at least $500 million
2. Companies whose stock price has dropped more than 75%, whose sales shrank, or where other developments raised questions about future performance, were eliminated from contention
3. Dropped some phone companies whose monopoly or near-monopoly power in their countries gives them an unfair advantage over competitors

The deciding factors were: RoE, Shareholder return, Revenue Growth and Total revenues.

Interestingly, the no. 1 Indian co. in the list is Bharati. Other entries are TCS, Wipro, Satyam and of course,Infy.

Overall, America Movil (a Mexican co.) is No. 1 while Google is at 13, while Microsoft trails at 37!
Amazon is the most profitable, while High Tech Computer (HTC) Taiwan based) seems to be the most promising company (tops both the Best returns and Fastest Growing list)

Google has a steep fall from 4th (2005 ranking) to 13th, while Softbank (a Japanese co.) has come from nowehere (till 2005 ranking) and has now grabbed the 5th position

Also, hjave a look at top 100 products of all time (PC World)

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