Now you can customize your pickles at Goosebumps

Now you can customize your pickles by choosing ingredients on Goosebumps, a fresh new service launched by Mumbai based Digi-cult.goosebumps_logo

Here is a QnA with Pinank Shah, founder of Goosebumps:

1. What’s the origin of this idea?

My mother-in-law has been making pickles in the quantities of 500 – 700 kgs a year for the last 11 years. She supplies the same to friends, relatives & acquaintances in pretty decent quantities year on year. Pickle sales are not driven by tasting on the spot, in the sense, the places where pickles are sold have bottles which are sealed pack. They are packed with a brand name on it which is already known in the market. Hence the consumers buy them on-the-go.

And I come from an online background. I run a digital advertising agency called Digi-Cult in Mumbai. Hence the idea stuck – why not sell pickles online in a country where such ideas are now gaining market acceptance?

Also, there are many friends who are away from home working and miss the home-made food (ghar ka khaana). Hence we shot pictures of the pickles & cropped them to make the cover page of the website, wrote some lines for each of them & made them live for selling. goosebump_pickle

2. Where do you get the pickles made from?

As stated above, mother-in-law makes them in-house assisted by 2 helpers & daughters.

Pi: Future plans?

We have already tied up with a company called Grab-a-Grub, a food delivery company. They have a pool of 50+ finest restaurants in Mumbai from where they deliver food to their audiences. These TG perfectly fit into Goosebumps’ strategy. Hence with every order, we send a sample of Goosebumps Pickles complementing the food. Also we’ll have a page in their booklet of menu items of these restaurants.

Future plans are to come out with season based pickles. Product innovation is the key in this market & hence we’ll stick to the brand promise of giving goosebumps with more variety.

What’s your take on the Goosebump concept? For sure, do give the service a spin and share your comment. The website definitely is very well designed and sets a standard for other niche sites to follow. But more than that, is this an online business? Or it’s all about offline distribution?

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