Patanjali products are now available online; Where will you buy from [Poll]

If there is one company which can bring all the ecommerce + grocery players together, it is Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali.

Patanjali products are now online
Baba Ramdev with Ecommerrce Founders. Only he can bring them together.
Yes, Patanjali Products have gone online and Baba Ramdev has defined one rule which all online players have to follow.

No discounts. Sell only on MRP.
That is, Patanjali defines the T&Cs, unlike most other retailers / brands selling online.

So do not expect cashback from Paytm or Amazon Pay and do not expect any discounts from any player.
That leaves us with one question: Where will you buy Patanjali products from? Which brand are you most used to, now that nobody is offering you any discount? Take the poll, please.
[poll id=”2″]

  1. Yaar. First rule of poll. Give option of IDK or for this poll, not going to buy these products! 🙂 😉

  2. So the only targeting is that if you don’t buy Patanjali products, you aren’t going to take the poll 🙂 A sort of self-selection / rejection.

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