Forget Apparel & Electronics, Now Buy/Adopt Pets Online

Time For Pet is a startup that lets you find and buy or adopt pets online.

Saint Bernards, Labradors, Siberian Huskies, and also the Indian breed of dogs. There’s a new e-commerce marketplace startup in town, Time for Pet, that lets you get access to and adopt these.

Time for Pet was founded by five friends with an aim to make finding a pet easier.

“Usually it takes months to find a pet or give a pet for adoption, so puts an end to this by helping someone find a pet or give a pet for adoption in a matter of minutes,” says Nirneeth Reddy, one of the co-founders of Time for Pet.

Apart from dogs, Time for Pet also lists cats, birds and fish for adoption and sale.

Sourcing Pets


Time for Pet was founded in February 2014 and has seen over 100 dogs find homes through their platform. But, where do they source the dogs from?

The startup has tied up with members of different kennel clubs across the country and abroad to source the dogs. Apart from this, Time for Pet also receives requests to display pets from pet owners themselves.

The Time for Pet platform is a marketplace for both to list on, and works on a freemium model.

Requests & Shipping

Time for Pet receives a minimum of 2-4 requests for dogs every day. To purchase a pet, users will have to fill up a form with personal details while expressing interest.

siberian husky

Thereafter, the breeder and customer deal with each other. Time for Pet currently does not provide any logistics support.

“When it is required we use air transport in order to keep the pets safe and to fasten the process. But the charges are directly paid by the person adopting the pet,” explains Nirneeth.

Time for Pet says that it is only focussing its operations toward Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Mysore currently.

I-Breed: Helping Stray Indian Dogs Find a Home

Apart from the foreign breed of dogs, Time for Pet also actively promotes the adoption of the Indian breed through a special scheme called the I-Breed. They offer free home delivery for customers who purchase I-Breed dogs.

Time for Pet has received 28 requests for the I-Breed so far, with 10 being from expats.

Time for Pet’s E-commerce Bid

Time for Pet is not putting all its eggs in one basket. It has also made an entry into the country’s pet food and care market through its e-commerce section.

The e-commerce section offers pet food and accessories that they claim will be delivered within 3 hours to any part of Bangalore city.

Other offering include veterinarian’s advice page for free advice on pet care and on the anvil are,

  • Breeders registration page

  • Directory of closest clinics in different areas

What Works for Time for Pet & What Can Be Improved

Time for pet is very convenient for anyone who is looking to sell or adopt pets. However, there were some issues in terms of design.

There is no clear mention of when a pet is up for adoption. The ‘post an ad’ or listing form asks people who do not want to sell the dog to enter a “zero” if they do not want to mention the price. There is no clear column cut out for people who want to give dogs up for adoption, without putting a price on it. The same also applies to listings being displayed for a potential buyer. Would also be useful to see a search button as well.

Within the next year, Time for Pet plans on going pan India covering other metros as well as Tier I and Tier II cities.

“We will also be listing the grooming centers along with pet restaurants very soon,” adds Nirneeth.

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