Infibeam’s New & Used Books Portal Launched


Like we reported yesterday, (Infibeam to launch Marketplace for Used & Rare Books), the service is live and here is how it works.

Now at book pages (where sellers are available), you will find the ‘New & Used’ section from other sellers and the price at which they are selling.

Here is an example

buy second hand books infibeams

So while Infibeam is selling the book for a certain price, it has opened up the floodgates for other sellers to pitch in (in CAPS too! Smile ).

Like I said yesterday, this is an orbit change from being an online retailer to a marketplace.

As far as few comments calling this service launch as yet another copy/paste from Amazon, frankly it dosn’t matter. If they can bring structure to the seller market in India (an Indian problem to be solved in Indian fashion), they have a winner.

What’s your opinion?

PS: Interview with Vishal (Founder/CEO) is scheduled for tomorrow.

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