Looking for a Cheap Laptop? Try a Refurbished one from Reglobe [Go Green]

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Looking for a Cheap Laptop? Try a Refurbished one from Reglobe [Go Green]

E-waste is one of the most difficult types of waste to manage. So much so that billions of dollars are being spent by large corporations to effectively manage their e-waste. In a country like India where basic waste management is not managed properly, there is little hope for e-waste. And with first world countries dumping their e-waste in India, managing e-waste will soon become one of our biggest nightmares.

Meet Reglobe.in, a re-commerce company trying to make profits and do a good turn in the bargain. The startup buys buys used , obsolete or otherwise undesirable laptops from users directly and sells it after refurbishing them.

Reglobe has a specialized workshop for refurbishing the laptops and laptop prices start from as low as Rs 10,000. The ones selling for that cheap may not be the newest models but it works for most people looking for cheaper alternatives. The price ranges are very reasonable considering the prices of laptops in the market.Reglobe

The website has a nice landing page has an interesting video describing their motto. Depending on whether you want to sell your laptop or buy one, leads you to the respecting pages. There is also a very helpful live chat feature on the website. When we tried using this service, the rep immediately got me quote for a laptop we were interested in selling and we were able to find another laptop we were interested in buying, all in short while.

The company has a 7 day replacement policy. Each product sold is provided with 12 month onsite tech support. All orders are shipped within 5 working days for free. They also a Order-by-Phone number listed on the website.

If you have a limited budget for you laptop purchase, you must have a look at this website. The company currently deals only in laptops but will expand to other categories soon.

Looking to sell or buy a mobile phone?

If you are looking to ditch your old phone for a new one and also make some money off of it, try RecommerceHub. The Bangalore based startup founded by Srikanth CH and Rajesh Jampana buys old mobile phones from you and sells it to someone who is in need. The idea is to reduce ewaste landfills in India by providing cash incentives to the customer. RecommerceHub, which is now in Chennai and Bangalore, will also pick up from old mobile phones from your door- step.

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