Precared Enables Buying /Selling Of Used Baby Products

PreCared has been conceptualized to ReUse Baby Products and thus offer an economical and green option to parents. The company buys used products from parents and post them on the website for sale after cleaning and sanitizing the products. The website also offers the option of classifieds and also provides a Used-Condition rating for all the products.

As far as the target segment is concerned, the Mumbai based startup is targeting the aspiring Middle class and affluents. The categories of products offered range from Walkers to Car Seats, Prams, Toys, Cradles and Cribs etc and offers anywhere between 15-35% of the current retail price of the products depending on the product and its conditions to the sellers.

Here is a QnA with Tabrez, founder of Precared on the venture and the usual doubt, i.e. hygiene of these products.


Pi: Is this a not-for-profit venture? If no, how do you plan to monetize? Generally, the segment that is interested in buying second-hand products  (in this case) isn’t online – so how do you plan to distribute?[Precared, Tabrez]This is not a not-for-Profit venture, We make money in the difference of selling and buying cost.Space is at a premium so most parents don’t negotiate on price, they are happy that they get paid for getting space in their house.So the difference in our buying and selling price is worth doing this business. The alliance with NGO’s is to be able to contribute. You have pointed out to my biggest challenge by asking me about my ‘Target Segment’.

Agreed that as of now ‘Used Baby Products’ is perceived by many to be a cheap option and is only for people who cannot afford them. But I am convinced that it would not be confined to that specific strata,In fact I have sold to some affluent families. The biggest concern with them is Hygiene and Trust, and we are addressing both the issues(treatment and 100% refunds).
Also many young mothers are feeling positively towards the Recycling and Contributing to society concepts. Apart from these, consider that a single kid is given a pram,a cot,a rocker,a walker,a car seat,a high chair,a playpen, and some expensive toys; then the potential savings would be anywhere between 20k to 50k and that is substantial.In fact we may encourage parents to aspire and try more different products than be restricted by budgets. Our products too are in good condition as most products are used very seldom and gently.We Indians are highly value conscious, and if provided with the comfort and style of say a 10k brand in 5k – 6k price, then we would certainly give it a try.

As for people who don’t shop online, can visit our warehouse and shop physically.We would also plan more outlets wherein we would keep very few products but provide customer with more choices online at that outlet thus addressing their concerns at less overheads for us.

Pi: How do you take care of hygiene?
[Precared, Tabrez] The Hygiene is taken care of on the guidelines of baby care centers(western countries). We give treatments with detergents, warm water, and Chlorine solution(where recommended). We also dismantle the product entirely and treat manually so that the treatment is complete.

Given that Indians want to touch & feel products (especially second hand), what’s your take on this business? Would you try out Precared service for your kid?

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