Aakash Tablet Sold out, UbiSlate Scheduled for January Launch

Aakash tablet, the cheapest tablet in India is sold out, as per the update on tablet maker, DataWind’s website. aakash_soldout

DataWind, the makers of Aakash Tablet is now suggesting users to prebook UbiSlate, which is the premium version of Aakash tablet (the Ubislate price is Rs, 2,999).

The craze for cheapest tablet can be gauged from the fact that the keyword ‘aakash tablet’ has been among Google India’s top searched query for the last 3 days (shows up on website’s traffic  as well)aakash_traffic

As per a report by Hindu, DataWind can churn out 1,000 tablets/day and while they haven’t yet shared the registration numbers, it seems that the company will not accept booking of Aakash tablet and will instead force users to prebook the upgraded version, i.e. UbiSlate7.

UbiSlate Specification

  • Android 2.3 operating system,
  • WiFi & GPRS (SIM & Phone functionality)
  • Cortex A8 – 700 Mhz

The processor speed is 700 MHz which makes it three times that of the original tablet. It has a battery of 3200 maH, and lasts for up to 5 hours. It comes with a headphone/mic plus integrated speaker. Ubislate7 is scheduled to launch in the month of January, 2012.

An interesting development – do you think Aakash tablet’s supply is controlled so that the company can sell the premium version, i.e. UbiSlate?

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