From Forum: A visit to Croma store looking for a Kindle

Looking for a Kindle at the Croma Store.

Loaded with just enough cash to purchase a Kindle should the Croma salesman sound convincing enough. Here I should state clearly that I ALREADY own a Nook Simple Touch( I love it) and I have previously also used a Kindle Keyboard. So it is safe to say that I am well aware of Amazon’s offering over other retail choices. 

I planned on spending some time at the store and giving a thorough test to the device should I decide to buy it. But I was in and out of the store in under 10 minutes.

Why it turned out to be a bad user experience for me

1. The Croma store actually had no Kindle at all. By that I don’t mean a for-sale model. They did NOT have a Kindle in the entire store, not even a test unit.

2. The staff was poorly informed. The poor rep kept avoiding my questions and finally seeing my persistence decided to do a Google search for “Croma Retail Kindle” on a demo PC which led him to Croma’s product page for Kindle.

3. No hype in-store. Every product launch is marked by in store deals, flyers and other merchandise to entice the customer towards either the actual launch event or just to create awareness about the presence of a new device. But the Croma store was bland looking as ever. 

SMS Gateway used by e-commerce websites

Just curious what are the best SMS gateway services that are used by some of the e-commerce websites.  I am trying to get a service which will enable me to send messages to even numbers registered with DND (Do Not Disturb).  These are not going to be spam SMS’s but similar to the confirmation SMS sent by e-commerce websites.

What are good hardware start-ups happening in India

Hardware is pretty often ignored category. It is slowly coming into limelight with innovations in mobile front. Wanted to know what are good hardware start-ups happening in India.

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