Buying Larger Packs? You Are Not Alone

All of us face the music every day thanks to growing petrol prices and an inflation which has been north of 9% for some time now in real terms.

Nielsen came up with the “The Nielsen Global Online Shopping and Savings Strategies Survey” which analyzes the spending habits of consumers in 51 countries and across 25000 consumers. 

A few of the interesting stats – 

  • In India, 31% of users will exercise the option of ordering online to save on the costs of travelling and better utilization of time – if the option were available to them. Nudge nudge to a few online retailers I am sure if you can come up with a viable business model.
  • 22% also prefer going to a store and picking up groceries already chosen. Again an interesting option for some larger players to explore.
  • A startling 77% in Asia Pacific mention that they are likely to take advantage of the online shopping and home delivery option.
  • Indian consumers are apparently choosing larger pack sizes to take advantage of the reduced prices when you order larger volumes.
  • Indian consumers are also seeing value in shopping closer and with value retailers. Needless to say increasing petrol prices are taking their toll.
  • Another interesting stat is that usage of coupons in Indians is lower compared to others in Asia. Good data point for deal sites, I guess?

As with all surveys, the statistics need to be digested with some deep thinking. What are your thoughts – what do these stats point towards? What about online grocery trend that’s building up in India?

[Image credit:crowbert/Flickr]

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