Bye Bye ByIndia – RIP.

Last year, I wrote a detailed review of ByIndia’s cheap tactics to attract users (well, they announced a $5mn sweepstake and all you’ve gotta do was to register at the site. Just that the sweepstake will run for the entire year and if you win, you will be paid $5mn in a span of 40 years!) – the post had detailed response from web2corp’s (the parent company) Communication Director as well:

I understand that this (i.e. Internet) isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, though. hopes that as we add features that appeal to netizens of all different ages and technical skills, that more and more people will find compelling reasons to make part of their daily web surfing.

Now the year long wait is over. ByIndia is digging the goldmine (maybe it will take then 40 years to collect $5mn) and meanwhile have announced their death (i.e. auction @ eBay, bidding starts at $0.5 mn).

Well – this is just the beginning. Market and Consumers are smart enough to figure out the wheat from chaff – good products from the bad; and ByIndia will go down as a case study.

Bye Bye ByIndia. RIP. Join the “shortcircuit” (i.e. our deadpool)!


Asides, one of my 2008 prediction was the death of social networks/few search players.

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