BYOD in India : Nearly 50% of the companies in India have security policies that prohibit BYOD [Report]

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is still a distant dream in India enterprises and a survey by ISACA reveals that IT professionals in India continue to remain resistant to the BYOD trend.

India stood first among its global counterparts in prohibiting BYOD, with nearly half (46%) of Indian enterprises successfully deploying a BYOD policy to prohibit the use of personal mobile devices for work to mitigate the risk to the enterprise. This trend was followed by Europe (39%), China (30%) and US (29%).

Regarding security controls for employees’ personal devices, nearly half (47%) of Indian enterprises reported deploying password management controls as a security layer, compared to China and Europe (44%) and US (42%).

– India registered lower interest on remote wipe capability (29%), which allows employers to erase the contents of an employee’s personal device as a security measure, compared to US (46%), China (39%) and Europe (37%).

–  58% of Indian respondents say their enterprises prohibit access to social networking sites from a work-supplied device. This was registered as highest when compared with China (33%), Europe (30%) and US (32%).

– 45% of Indian respondents reported that their enterprise prohibits its employees from shopping online using work-supplied devices, whereas enterprises in Europe (21%), US (20%) and China (19%) are more permissive.

Though the study was done using online polls (4,512 from 83 countries, including 305 members in India) and may not be representative of the ground reality, it does give a good overview of BYOD challenges among enterprises. That is, if companies aren’t comfortable with employees accessing social networks/online shopping sites, there is a bigger mindset challenge that needs to be revisited.

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