Google Expands BYOD Management for Android Devices


Google Expands BYOD Management for Android Devices

Google-AdminIn what will come as a relief to both companies and consumers that use their personal devices at work, Google has expanded it’s bring your own device management features for Android devices.

Google has added four new features that include selective data wipes, the ability to wipe an SD card, a Device Policy app and a WiFi configurations setting option. Basically, these new features and improvements should help your IT admin better manage the company devices. These features are only available for Google App users.

The selective wipe feature will allow IT admins to remove Google Apps account data without wiping a user’s entire device. This will allow people to bring in personal devices and once a person leaves a company the data can be easily removed.

The SD card wipe feature will allow a full device wipe and adminstrators can wipe both the SD cards in addition to the internal memory.

The Device Policy app will ensure that security policies are enforced across all devices by requiring the latest version of the Device Policy app.

The last feature deals will WiFi configuration and will allow admins to enter the WiFi settings once from the admin console and automatically push out to all managed Android devices.

Google had released the Google Admin app last month which allowed for group management, user suspensions, and the ability to view domain setting changes and if needed, contacting support. Admins will also able to directly call and email individual users. The app is available for those who are super admins of Google’s Enterprise products.

Earlier this week, BlackBerry which was for long the king of enterprise devices, introduced Secure Work Space for Android and iOS which allowed entreprise customers to separate their work and personal envirnonment on their devices. While BlackBerry did have device wiping in the earler versions the feature as so far not come to BlackBerry 10.

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