Future 50 Foods by Knorr : What we should be eating for a better tomorrow (7/18)

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Submitted to "Future of Food"

Knorr has identified 50 plant based food which we should be eating, not only for our health but also for a better planet of future. 

The company partnered with WWF-UK and the Center of Public Health Nutrition at University of Washington.

Some of the ‘Future 50’ are moringa, okra, white icicle radish, purple yam , Chinese cabbage , soybean, mung bean, and bean sprouts.

“Unless we change the foods we eat and the way we grow them, it will be challenging to have enough food to feed us all well. Our ambition is to make it easy for people to eat a wider variety of foods that are good for us and good for the planet, and, of course, delicious at the same time”