Moonlighting would make you stronger while raising funds (1/8)

Moonlighting is often an ugly word in startup world, but doing it just might save your startup dreams. 

Building a software based prototype does not require to be active full time. Neither testing it with early consumers require the same. Going out in the streets still works, but it could wait. SM and SEM are here to help us.

The argument is not too jump full-time, unless you have built a prototype and have reasonable customer validation to warrant being ‘in’. 

Building a prototype and having tested it with your own money would bring a lot of credibility later  with prospective investors, when you go raising funds. 

If you start with raising money with just an idea, it does not (always) work. 

Failing (and when 99% startups fail) while have taken someone else’s money is a lot tougher.

” In some countries outside the US (the UK for example) employers can specify in an employment contract that ANY IP you develop while you’re employed by that company is owned by them. If you live somewhere where this is the case you’re better off discussing with your employer that you may from time-to-time work on private projects outside of work hours and you want their clearance in writing that this is OK.”

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