Tech Around WWWorld – Google TV, Froyo, Bing Distance Calculator App

Bing maps has introduced Distance Calculator Map App that helps you to find out distance between places. The app calculates straight line distance as well as driving distance between multiple places and you can add stops in between as well.

Distance Calculator in Maps

Google TV

Google has announced Google TV that unlike the competition (Apple TV) will be more of a platform. The service will be offered as an Internet and wifi enabled box that will connected to TV using HDMI. Google has partnered with Sony and Logitech to launch Google TV (the service will be available in Fall of 2010).

Watch this demo video

Froyo, the next version of Android

Google has announced the next version of Android, Froyo. As per Google, Froyo is much faster than earlier versions and is enterprise friendly as well.

Watch this demo video

Yahoo Acquires Associated Content for $100mn

Yahoo has acquired Associated Content, a UGC/freelance news site. Associated Content, launched in 2005 by Luke Beatty, bills itself as “the people’s media company.” It has developed a low-cost news model that relies on about 380,000 freelancers who share their expertise on a variety of subjects. The material includes how-to advice, review, opinion pieces and coverage about what’s happening in neighborhoods around the United States.[source]

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