Keep Track and Auto Dial Scheduled Calls with Call Looper

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Keep Track and Auto Dial Scheduled Calls with Call Looper

As businesspersons, journalists, event managers, HR personnel, or as just about anyone who doesn’t have a personal assistant, it’s easy to forget to return or make phone scheduled phone calls. While there are many call scheduling apps, there are few made for the Indian user and by an Indian startup.

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A startup from Ahmedabad has made right this equation with their call scheduling app – Call Looper. Call Looper is a product from MGuru, a web marketing agency founded by friends Ashutosh Valani and Sandeep Nair. The two came up with the idea and had the app developed as a product of necessity.

“I am a businessman and Sandeep had a girlfriend at the time. We used to be very busy and it was easy to miss giving calls and keeping track of calls to make. So we thought – there needs to be some sort of a method to remind us to call whenever a time is fixed,” says Ashutosh, co-founder at Mguru.

The two got together to solve the problem in October 2013. They hired freelance app developers to develop the product they had in mind, and it was operational by November 2013. Call Looper is a free app available on android and iOS. The app had reached over 500 downloads in 2 weeks of its launching.

How Does It Work?

Call Looper allows users to pre-schedule multiple calls and SMSes that are to be sent. All a user has to do is add the phone number of the contact, pick a date and a time at which the alarm must be set off at. In the case of placing calls, there is an option to switch automatically to speaker at the time of the scheduled call. Another useful feature is the call repeat option that lets a user pick the number of times a call need to be repeated and the frequency with which the call needs to be repeated

“Imagine making calls to 10 clients at different times in a day. Call looper can be used to create a schedule for calling these clients in advance. The app will call each of these respective clients automatically at the time that is set in advance,” explains Ashutosh.

The app also has a ‘block call’ feature that allows users to block calls from certain numbers or lists on a users phone. Call Looper also lets users choose the dates and time between which any particular calls are to be blocked. It also gives the option of sending an SMS to the blocked number whenever a call is made from it.

Call Looper also has the same feature for sending SMSes. Users can save the message to be sent, the date, time and let the app do the rest. There’s also an option to set off an alarm at the time at which the SMS must be sent.

While the app was great overall, and helped keep track of calls. At the time of writitng, the call block feature did not seem to work too well, with it crashing quite a few times. It would also have been perfect had there been a tutorial to take the uninitiated through the app as the UI is not the most intuitive. The developers have said that they are working to fix the issues.

Who Uses It?

Call Looper’s creators say that the app is specifically created for the Indian user. The company invested about $1,000 to develop the app for android phones, and $2,500 for the iOS version. On the pipeline is the version for windows phones. The app that is about 307 kb will not weigh down any android or iOS device assures Ashutosh.

“Call Looper is not just for business, it’s also for a person who wants payments from clients and it’s also for a person who just wants to be reminded to call someone for a birthday,” explains Ashutosh.

MGuru plans to take Call Looper to the next level by allowing the scheduling of e-mails and whatsapp messages.

“Whatsapp will soon be giving out APIs, and that’s what we are waiting for. Once that’s announced we can launch our scheduler for Whatsapp messages. It should go live by the end of March,” says Ashutosh.

Meanwhile, the launch of the e-mail scheduler may be as early as the last week of January.

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