Call Taxi Services To Step Up A Level : Possibilities Of A Global Alliance [Ola & GrabTaxi]

This could possibly led to knowledge and technology crossover making cross-booking over a single app a reality.

Cab services like India’s Ola and GrabTaxi from China are possibly going to join hands to create a global taxi network that could potentially share knowledge and technology among each other to provide seamless and better services to users across the globe.
Uber, the prime target against whom the cab services aim to compete by forming a global taxi alliance, should probably see this as a threat to its geographically vast services. Philippines based GrabTaxi and India’s Ola are both backed by venture capital firm SoftBank Capital, who invested $250 million and $210 million in these firms respectively.
flywheel grabtaxi ola
GrabTaxi and Ola both provide taxi services through registered taxi drivers while Uber has an added advantage of providing services through private vehicles that register with them. This however has become a cause of legal concern in many countries and the app has been criticized extensively for their arrogant responses to such issues and the lack of going through proper legal channels through which registered cabs operate in various countries.
San Francisco based Flywheel, another taxi service provider has also hinted to a global taxi service alliance to unite all taxi service providers across the globe. Flywheel officials mention that such an alliance could be the thing that taxi services need to be unified globally as it can possibly lead to cross booking of various services through a single app. The San Francisco based taxi provider which claims to have 85% share in taxi services in San Francisco plans to expand nationally and internationally over a period of time.
An international alliance of taxi services could provide an easy access to cabs globally. It would surely be nice to use the same app when in a different country to hail local cabs.  Concept like this doesn’t seem to be a thing of distant future with almost all cab services trying hard to fight against Uber’s monopoly world over made through their distinctive pricing feature which other services claim to be unregulated.

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