Callergy helps you find allergy information for your area

Callergy is a simple tool that shows you what allergens are in the air in your city across an entire year.
Callergy’s digital allergy calendars helps keep allergies in check along with monthly forecasts and handpicked products which helps to stay healthy.

San Diego

About the founding team :
Second time startup Founder David Lowe was inspired to launch Callergy after five miserable years in Austin, Texas. The town rocked but the allergens in the air were brutal! He assumed he was sick and actually thought he might have a life threatening disease. Turns out it was his allergies. He didn’t realize it but the air is filled with so much junk that it basically knocks you out for most of the year.
David wanted to create something simple that would show you what was in the air wherever you are so you could plan ahead with your medication, herbal remedies, neti pot, teas, honey and basically everything you need as an allergy sufferer. Having already collaborated with him on Uberpong, he teamed up with the awesome Hunter Dolan on this project.

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