CallHub : Voice and SMS platform for political campaigns

More than 700 customers who reach people in 200+ countries using CallHub.

CallHub is a Voice and SMS service platform in the cloud, primarily targeted towards running political campaigns, advocacy groups and businesses with fundraising, awareness, outreach, lead generation and volunteer recruitment.

Location : Bengaluru

Notes from the founder: The platform was originally meant to help businesses with their sales outreach and marketing. While businesses still continued to use us, I found a better market fit for CallHub with political campaigns and advocacy groups. Now in 2017, we have more than 700 customers who reach people in 200+ countries using CallHub.

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Comments (2)

  1. We don’t have any customers in India yet. Our features are specific to advocacy and political campaigns like patch-through calling, volunteer recruitment and phone banking. Customers also like our integration with other political campaign tools, like Action Network, NationBuilder.

  2. Sorry for the boring question – how would you stand against ozonetel and knowlarity ? Knowlarity’s biggest USP was (in the early days) running the political campaign for Odisha govt.

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