Calling Enterprise Startups : IBM Announces Global Entrepreneur Program, IBM Smartcamp [9 Cities]

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) has announced IBM Smartcamp, a Startup challenge for B2B Startups.

Last year, IBM GEP picked 30 winners pan India and got them to pitch before VCs from Nexus Ventures, Intel Ventures, Seedfund, Reservoir Ventures and IBM Execs. The winners exhibited their solutions to IBM sales team as well.

This year IBM Global Entrepreneur Program will be held across 9 cities in India, namely Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi. Besides the pitching to VCs and IBM Execs, a CIO Startup connect round will also be held.

This is open for Startups less than 5 years, and who have a product or platform for enterprises across any Industry or Technologies.

It will be held across 6 cities where IBM GEP will select 5 winners and get them to pitch before eminent people from the Startup ecosystem, successful entrepreneurs, senior govt officials.

The City Schedule is below:

  • Kochi September 8th [Done]
  • Hyderabad September 29th [Done]
  • Chennai October 9th
  • Pune October 17th
  • Visakhapatnam October 24th
  • Ahmedabad October 27th

After the City round there are three Regional finals. In the regional round Startups will have the opportunity to pitch before eminent VCs, IBMExecs. There will be a CIO connect round.

And lastly there will be closing ceremony where the Startups will have the opportunity showcase their solution to a larger audience of 250+ people along with IBM Sales and Services.

The 3 Regional Finals Schedule is below –

1) South Regional Finals would be in Bangalore on November 6th

2) North and East Regional Finals would be in Delhi on November 20th.

3) West Regional Finals would be in Mumbai on December 4th

The Grand Finale would be on 12th December, in Bangalore

IBM GEP has also partnered with Kieretsu Forum, to seek the introductions of the winners to Angel Investors in the Silicon Valley and New York.

» Details and the link for applying for the Smartcamp is

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