Httpool launches VoIP Platform, CallWith.Me in India


Httpool launches VoIP Platform, CallWith.Me in India

After launching CallWith.Me in Europe last month, Httpool, the global online and mobile advertising provider has launched CallWith.Me in India. CallWith.Me is a VoIP platform that enables users to chat, make video and voice calls. CallWith.Me can be used without installing any additional programs/plugins across devices such as PCs,tablets, mobile phones.

Apart from general users, web and mobile developers can also use CallWith.Me’s API free of cost; however service for developer’s clients will be charged by the company. In addition to that CallWith.Me offers free support for developers, tutorials and sample applications including free tools amongst others.

Interestingly the company has positioned CallWith.Me as an online dating service, with no trace of support/instructions for the dating part, though the focus is mostly around being a pure VoIP platform play.

As far as the business model is concerned, it’s too fold : flat rate per user and cost per minute. The flat rate per user has standard flat rate “all-you-can-eat” pricing model compatible for websites having more registered users, while cost per minute concept is a standard telecommunications industry measurement where the user who initiates the call gets billed for it.

VoIP in India

In March 2012, India’s Telecom commission had allowed VoIP services under National Telecom Policy (NTP) to make telecom services more affordable and help telecom firms that have plans, license and spectrum to  offer mobile broadband service. Earlier Indian laws allowed VoIP calls to a telephone in the country under strict regulation. However, laws allowed VoIP calls between computers within the country’s limit including a computer in India and a telephone (fixed or wireless) based in any other country.

Earlier in June this year, Httpool had launched a self-serving online and mobile advertising platform that provides publishers a free ad management solution system named ‘AdPlatform’.

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