Camplace to Improve and streamline Campus Recruitment. Will The Lull In the Job Market Help?

Campus recruitment is a logistical nightmare, for companies, students and placement cells. The mad rush and attention to detail is often a daunting task. This is where cloud based campus recruitment management solution Camplace comes in.

CamplaceThe placement season is some of busiest times during the final years of college. A lot of time is spent frantically browsing notice boards, putting documents in order and scrambling to make sure you are prepared for the interviews. Companies and placement cells also go through a lot of paperwork. Camplace is a cloud based campus recruitment automation platform which aims to streamline the whole process.

The platform is designed for students, colleges and companies as well. You can use the platform all the way from applicant organisation till the candidate is selected and the final offer is released. The solution has different communication facilities available, you can communicate using voice, video and text based messages, through live interactions. This feature comes in very handy especially when the companies and colleges are located geographically far apart, thereby reducing logistical troubles of the candidates or companies involved having to travel.

To test students, Camplace has included tools that contains MCQ based tests, coding simulators, subjective tests, video based group discussions and personal interviews. This feature is very helpful and can be used for assessing candidates remotely. The company has also included candidate preparation modules, a full fledged data management system and analytical reports within the platform that will help keep track of updates and progress.

Himanshu Jain the Director of Camplace says that the startup has over  7500 students of which more than 2000 have authenticated profiles and are available for recruitment. “We have managed to place 800+ students through Camplace,” he added.

Here are some of the key features available on the platform

Features for College

  • Colleges can create their own mini website within the portal to show their reputation and achievements.
  • Easier interaction between college Training & Placement Officer (TPO) and any company personnel available on the portal.
  • Colleges can conduct their own mock tests, interviews and group discussions.
  • Scheduling mechanism to manage multiple companies at a time.
  • Generating various types of reports required by the regulatory bodies and the college management.

Features for Companies

  • Access to verified data of candidates of all  registered colleges.
  • Company can create their own mini website within our portal to showcase their profile.
  • Communicate with the colleges online and schedule the candidates for different events simultaneously.
  • Search the candidates by using multiple criteria search.

Features for Candidates

  • Automated resume generation by filling up different parameters.
  • Edit and update your resume anytime.
  • Mock tests to get you the feel of a real recruitment process.

The platform has already registered 70+ colleges, 20+ ITIs and 130+ corporates for the platform. Some of the main companies who registered with the service include AXIS Bank, PIAGGIO Vehicles Pvt. Ltd, UNITED SPIRITS Ltd., AEGIS Ltd. Companies using the portal will also get access to larger talent pool to select from, and help them make hiring more effective and organized.

The service will compete with recruitment agencies and job portals for data management. The company plans to take on the competition with its complete cloud based total solution structure and unique referral model for channel partners, consultants, colleges and companies.

Delhi based startup CoCubes, founded by IIT B grads Harpreet and Vibhor, also provide similar placement services for students, colleges and companies. Last year CoCubes, funded by Ojas Ventures, had acquired skill assessment firm, SQuotient Analyzers. This acquisition gave the company in-house capability to generate assessment content for corporates to use for student evaluation on campuses.

With the ongoing lull in the (campus) job market and the fact that existing players haven’t made a huge impact, reliability and performance of the platform will matter. Also getting established colleges (IITs/IIMs etc) and companies as registered partners will give the platform a boost.

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