Can a Profitable Venture Get Series A Funding? Need Advice

Question @ the startup forum

‘Let me pose a real life question that faces a venture core team
The context is following:

  1. A bootstrapped venture started by a serial entrepreneur and a capable core team. The venture targets a billion $ market niche of a trillion $ worldwide market.
  2. The venture clocked a revenue run rate of INR 1 Crore in 6 months after start and has several happy referenceable customers. The venture makes 10% operating profit (Cash positive)

The core team is now on a cross road. They have two options, both have their positives and -ves.

  • Option 1: Continue to grow the venture with internally generated cash and reach a revenue of $1 million before the economic environment stabilizes and funding environment is more conducive (can take two years with internally generating cash)
  • Option 2: Look for a series A funding now and go full steam to reach a target revenue of $10 million in 4 years time (capital enabling marketing & sales and other needed investments for rapid growth)

Given the economic environment and stage of venture in lifecycle, Which one do you advice the venture team should go for? and why?

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