Can Blockchain eat up a Scientific Journal’s moolah?

Ever wondered how can Scientific-Publishing be an industry with fat margins and millions in profits?
Is it because one has to pay for one’s own research? Because of the copyrights that journals reap? Because voluntary peer-community reviews do not wreak any cost burdens? Because scientists are funded by governments and institutions to which the research is ultimately sold?

If only researchers could post findings on a blockchain, and if they were instantly-available to the community for assessments! If the years’-long gap between research-publication and subscriber/community-availability could be bridged!  What if validators could charge something for the time they put in for peer-reviews!
New players like Orvium want to disrupt the inherent factors of academic publishing with a decentralised platform for scientific papers and findings to be managed and published. This company is turning towards blockchain technology for effectively putting all academic and scientific publishing in the public domain. Orvium will also allow contributors to retain ownership of their papers, and will give them the right to determine whether the work and all the associated-findings and data will be free at the point of access – or subject to some sort of paywall.
White coats meeting white collars of a new shade here.


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